Riverside Village Animation

Riverside Village from Bob Pineo on Vimeo.

Just before breaking ground, the developer approached us with a goal of getting an early jump on marketing by showing how Riverside Village was different than other communities being constructed throughout the region. Truly a mixed-use neighborhood, the focus of the animation was to highlight the pedestrian-friendly design, the proximity to Darden Towe, downtown Charlottesville, and the Rivanna River, and the wide variety of housing types Riverside Village will offer.

This animation also marks one of our earliest collaborations with Brian Wimer of Amoeba Films, who helped write the script, direct the focus of the piece, and edit the final renderings. We find the narration and focus of the script helps us offer an even more polished and complete final product!

The Ability to Model It All

The animation above describes a highly articulated interior concept Design Develop completed recently, working hand in hand with a local architect and interior designer. Highlights include custom modeled furniture, light fixtures, trim work, and even a television showing previous animations! This animation is an opportunity for us to show the wide variety of scales and levels of completion at which we are able to work: From high-level master planning studies down to interior furniture selection, we’ve had success modeling and visualizing a wide variety of scales, scopes, and levels of completion. We’ve found that 3D modeling and visualizations go beyond marketing or entitlement materials, and become an incredibly useful design tool. There is significant value in being able to see the project come to life before the shovel breaks ground; Imagine the advantages of being able to walk down the hall or to stand in a room of a project that only currently exists on paper…

In the News: Spring Hill Village – Another Unanimous Decision!

Spring Hill Village from Bob Pineo on Vimeo.

Design Develop worked closely with local architect Vito Cetta to create this animation aimed at explaining all the amenities and advantages of Spring Hill Village. Crafted as a two part concept, the first part of the animation speaks directly to the Albemarle Neighborhood Model Development guidelines and how Spring Hill Village successfully fulfills each guideline. The second part of the animation describes from a end-user’s experience these guidelines at work and how it feels to be a resident of Spring Hill Village. This two part approach allows for the animation to be used in a wide variety of ways, from being shown at the Albemarle Planning Commission for rezoning approval to being part of a robust early marketing package.

From the article, published August 24th, 2014, in the Charlottesville Tomorrow online publication, authored by Sean Tubbs:

“The commission also recommended two other rezonings Tuesday…It voted unanimously to recommend rezoning of 13 acres between Avon Street Extended and Route 20 to the “neighborhood model district” to allow developer Vito Cetta to build up to 100 homes as well as up to 60,000 square feet of commercial space. This project is known as Spring Hill Village.”


It’s Unaminous! Design Develop Artwork Helps Secure City Market Selection

Working closely with a City Market LLC, a team consisting of Keith Woodard and Powe Studio Architects, Design Develop had the pleasure of modeling the concept from schematic sketches, rendering, and creating the final book to be submitted for the recent City Market competition. The submission went on to win unanimous approval from City Council, being the project selected amongst four submissions from firms around the country.

From the article, published June 17th, 2014, in the Charlottesville Tomorrow online publication, authored by Sean Tubbs:

[After 20 years and multiple studies, Charlottesville’s City Council has finally selected a permanent home for the City Market. “You see that it is possible to come to decisions,” said Mayor Satyendra Huja.

The vote was met with applause Monday night after the council selected the Market Plaza proposal. Local builder Keith Woodard intends to purchase and redevelop a city-owned parking lot into a nine-story building that will have homes, offices and stores.

In January, the city issued a request for proposals from firms to develop the city-owned lot between Water and South streets that has been home to the City Market since 1993. “I have made up my mind that mixed-use development and the market can happen on this site in spite of the number of consultants we hired that said no,” Huja said. Woodard is partnering with Powe Studio Architects to build Market Plaza.]

The article is linked here: http://www.cvilletomorrow.org/news/article/18353-woodard-proposal-selcted/ and images from the winning selection can be found below.


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In the News: Design Develop Animation for Rivanna Village featured in Charlottesville Tomorrow

The article, linked below, describes the recommendation of the new Rivanna Village neighborhood, with an embedded animation from Design Develop for reference. The animation referenced is the same animation that was used in the Albemarle County Planning Commission meeting, and highlights the neighborhoods many amenities, distinguishing features, and overall density.

From the article, published May 7th, 2014, in the Charlottesville Tomorrow online publication, authored by Effie Nicholaou:

” Changes to a proposed mixed-use development outside the Glenmore neighborhood have won the unanimous support of the Albemarle County Planning Commission.

“We have a plan that is less dense, has less commercial space… and the plan is more gentle on the land,” said Valerie Long, an attorney with Williams Mullen representing Andrew Boninti, the Rivanna Village developer. The plan also features about 32 acres of open space and linear parks, a mixed-use village center and single-family homes.

The developer also shared a four-minute rendering and animation of the development plans. All of the trees represented [on the animation] are taken from our plans,’ said [landscape architect with Terra Concepts Mark] Keller. ‘There is no hocus pocus going on. There is quite a considerable chunk of reality of what we’ve showed you.’ “




Schematic Community Development – Southwest- North Carolina

This animation was created for the development team responsible for the design of this 500+ acre planned community. The program consists of a new retail and corporate office core with strong connections to existing road and river infrastructure. The scheme is further developed with multi-family, townhomes and single family residential units with significant density to support GEM car designated pathways, pedestrian thoroughfares and natural trails by a well known and stocked trout fish steam.

Leveraging the existing natural amenities of the site and surrounding national parks, additional facilities including a hotel lodge, cottages and camping areas nestled in between an existing pond and riverway. This animation was used by the development team to visualize a development plan for the project, as well as allowing the design team to envision the project’s intentions 3 dimensionally.

Region Ten’s Peterson Building Renovation, Charlottesville, VA

Design Develop has been selected as project architects for a 30,000+ square foot renovation at the Region Ten Peterson Building on Preston Ave. The cramped and dated building was in major need to an overhaul, so Design Develop proposed complete demolition to the structure and the creation of new bright, open offices and meeting rooms that more practically served Region Ten’s needs. On the exterior, a new glass entry and canopy will hint at the major changes taking place inside, while a new two story-lobby with reception area and conference rooms will greet visitors to the new space.

This video, completed during the schematic design phase of a design/build project led by Design Develop and Martin and Horn, Inc., was created to give the client a preview of what the new spaces would feel like once completed. Though many of the details have not yet been worked out, the animation was crucial in allowing the department heads and leadership team a preview of the overall feel of the new building and how the end users would occupy the proposed spaces very early on in the design process.

City Walk Site and Context Plan

Not just 3D modeling and not just animations!

At Design Develop, we also have the ability to do 2D marketing material for print, banners, brochures, presentations, signs, and web. Recently asked by the developers at City Walk Apartments to create a graphic describing the connectivity along the new Water Street East corridor, this context plan details the importance of linking the Downtown Mall with Belmont neighborhood, while placing City Walk Apartments at the heart of it all. By working closely with the marketing team at City Walk Apartments, we were able to create graphics that will be used in the leasing office, on signs, and in printed hand-outs.

CityWalk - Context V4

City Walk Site Plan

CityWalk - Context 11x17

Zoning Study for 301 West Main Street – Downtown Charlottesville

Design Develop created this animation to illustrate the density of a site based on a zoning analysis, and shows the amount of usable square footage per floor, parking, and height of a potential project. Valuable to land owners and architects alike, this animation can help determine land value, study massing and project scope, or help get approval for an special use permit. At Design Develop, we have the skills and tools to create simple massing model animations like this quickly, allowing for fluid and adaptable work flows with our client. The benefit of showing a potential purchaser the height, scale, density, and square footage a specific site can support in a real time 3D environment can boost land value significantly, while simultaneously being beneficial to the entitlement process.

Natural Retreats Trailview Village at the Homestead Preserve, Hot Springs, Virginia

Delafield Rise offers a variety of home site settings along the lower slope of Warm Springs Mountain near Hot Springs. With eight home sites range from 1/2 to 7 acres, most lots feature quiet woodland settings while others offer breathtaking long-range views to the west. The neighborhood takes advantage of it’s natural surroundings, and the animation highlights the community tree house, hiking and equestrian trails, fire pit, and central lawn. As a main part of the developer’s marketing and sales campaign, this animation allows potential clients to truly experience the neighborhood before the first shovel hits the ground.

Homestead Preserve’s largest neighborhood, Delafield Rise is conveniently located adjacent to The Homestead, and many home sites are within walking distance of the resort as well as Hot Springs’ downtown dining and shopping district.


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